Tuesday, August 18, 2009

EO V-plane

In light wind this kite is hard to beat for playing with breezes.

The high aspect ratio V bi-plane is stable flying wing that can be tricked at will with subtle line manipulation.
will do reverse hover-roll takeoffs and barrel rolls and many more soaring moves.

As this is an EO it does get bigger when folded, it folds flat instead of in halves which limits sizes that can be transported easily.
Made in the smaller ovals shown it will fold down to sport kite size and not be too much problem traveling folds to a package 1600mm by 250mm by 16mm.

Original Kite design by Phil McConnachie

Fade colour schemes: Fire, Lime, Ice, Cloud

High performance Icarex polyester sails

Framed with a Robust 2mm fiberglass

Self assembly in seconds

Assembled: 1400mm by 900mm by 560mm

Kite folds flat for storage

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