Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back to reality

Back from 2 weekends in San Vito International kite festival in Sicily which had beautiful sun, sand and coffee. Had a great time with friends both old and new and look forward to sharing some sky with them again.

Now back in Adelaide which is experiencing winter and has me wearing ugg boots and looking at the wind disparagingly. As always - the wind disappears here in April then reappears in June but a lot colder- had to wear my 5/3 wetsuit this weekend.

Have finished my latest mermaid and she is looking fine and flying the best so far. Having seam lines following bone structure to give a realistic body shape, and the nip and tucking have really been successful. next step is to manscape here boyfriend Neptune.

Neptune had already developed a healthy sixpack and has great guns but doesn't flow as well as his girlfriend so he's ready for some work.

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