Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EO Fokker

The Fokker has the ease of use that the EO System affords with ease of assembly using the unique shock-cord clasp system and an amazing amount of fun flying in even the lightest of winds.

The Fokker with deft line control in a variety of wind conditions will do barrel rolls, loops and spins, stalls, fly upside down - just let your EO toy with wind currents and let your ambition soar.

Once assembled; launch can be achieved by either glide/dart style, or by placing it on the ground upside down, the plane will hover to level, then barrel roll to the correct flying attitude.

• Original Kite design by Phil McConnachie

• Fade colour schemes: Fire, Lime, Ice, Cloud and Red

• High performance Icarex polyester sails

• Framed with a Robust 2mm fiberglass

• Self assembly in seconds

• Kite folds flat for storage: 900mm by 420mm by 10mm

• Assembled: 1300mm by 900mm by 500mm

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