Saturday, June 13, 2009

EO 48 Facet Box

ke for care in folding.
The 48 Facet box was a test to see how far I could expand on this platform increasing depth of the kite, there-by giving more area without increasing its folded dimensions. This means there are now four way junctions which maThis kite can be stacked in a variety of formations the number of combination's is scary but satisfying in trying new mixtures such as this basic box stack achieved with just three 6mm spars with pairs of shock chord , an o-ring and an end-cap to lock the two into a very stable configuration.
The colour mix I go for relies on a bleed of colours to give a variety of shading and shape depending on view-point and lighting angles.
The new Tequila colour scheme (Orange,Red, Purple) is working well and may prefer it to my fire scheme. Will have to try a few more styles and see how it suits them.

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