Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New EO Varieties

Have had some success with variants of the EO box kite from airplanes to multi-cellular marvels that still have that EO tumbling playfulness.
After the Wright EO was made, I have run up against a limit that is easy to transport (one down side with EO's is that they get bigger as they fold). First was the EO V-plane that flies and glides like a dream but at 2 metres folded up a little harder to transport flat although it can roll up into a 500mm diameter circle to fit into a hat box.
After seeing my design formula working so well - the balance between cell size and lifting/stabilizing surfaces I have started to explore boundaries and come up with the EO 48 Facet box. This was built to see how far I could expand the parameters and thought I would take a leap, but it may have been a shuffle.
The Facet has a playfulness in its nature yet will fly as a stable single line kite all day in good conditions. The experience of flying this kite has convinced me to explore the design concept even further.

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