Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EO V-plane

The EO V-plane concept was a test to see a series of planes done in the diagonal rigged cells and test limits, the first V-plane I made in the larger ovals and has the lightest wind performance so far. Unfortunately is a little too large to transport easily by plane, and I developed one out of the smaller ovals, which comes in at 1.6m that is.

Shares the same style that has led to some awesome soaring and stable kites that share the EO assembly, and shock-cord clasp convenience.

• Original Kite design by Phil McConnachie

• Fade colour schemes: Fire, Lime, Ice, Cloud and Red

• High performance Icarex polyester sails

• Framed with a Robust 2mm fiberglass

• Self assembly in seconds

• Kite folds flat for storage: 1600mm by 250mm by 16mm

• Assembled: 1400mm by 900mm by 560mm

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