Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mermaid #5 Completed

Have just been flying a new Mermaid #5 in our back yard and feel completely satisfied with all the improvements.
Her hair is just about spot on - though I may sneak a few more wedges of hair for aesthetics.
She flies well from her bridle or a short line of the main lifter line, I have yet to try her as a standalone kite but looking at her behavior she would fly well enough but at a fairly average angle of flight.
It is because of this that she is perfect for flying in train as she never gets fouled with the header kite line.
Her new tail is looking sweet with curves in just the right places and integrating well with the thru corded tail, and the seam lines following bone structure gives the body eye catching shape.
She certainly is my best effort so far and now have to do some manscaping on her boyfriend to help him keep up. Although he had developed a Six pack and the guns were there, I have to get the shape more flow after achieving so much on Mermaid #5.

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